Video Testimonials

Watch video testimonials from Dr. Janis’ patients sharing their stories about how their lives have changed forever.

 Migraine Surgery

I was at my lowest point… I’ve had migraines since I was twelve, and migraine surgery has given me my life back

This is the first time I have not had pain in my head at all… Dr. Janis gave me the life that I did not have before.


Neurosurgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists… After seeing 10-20 doctors, we met Dr. Janis. I can finally do what I want. He’s like a member of your family.

The day after surgery, you would have never known I had surgery. I was upbeat. I absolutely knew that the surgery was going to work. There was not a doubt in my mind.



 Botox Injections for Migraines

I suffered from migraines for 30 years. Every morning I would wake up with a migraine… Since he started the injections, my whole quality of life has changed

The migraines never went away. I tried a lot of the preventive medicines, they did not work. After Botox, I have gone for the first time without migraines.

I have been able to be a normal teenager again


Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

He has completely transformed my life. He has given me new hope. I feel like a completely new woman

He’s very thorough. He tells you everything that he’s going to do.

I could not have asked for a better surgery. He went above and beyond

It has been an amazing change… It’s much easier to be pleasant when you don’t have a screaming headache.

I tried every single medication on the market. Surgery was so life changing, even my friends celebrated. Since 2008, I have had zero headaches.

I had migraines for over 30 years, most of my waking and sleeping hours. After the surgery, the quality of my life is totally improved.

I have had no pain, no migraines, nothing.



I wasn’t enjoying my life. I was in pain so often. Since I’ve had the injections, I don’t have any migraines at all. I feel in charge of my life… I’m speechless.

We went all over the country trying to find help for my daughter. With the Botox, the pain level of her headaches has definitely gotten better

He has been able to eliminate two areas of my migraines that were debilitating to me on a daily basis

I had multiple hernias. I did not have quality of life. He is an excellent doctor. I could not be more happy

My whole experience was really good. I got really good care